$1.2 Million Tenant Improvement Lease Funded by CFP
11 May, 2015

A growing digital healthcare company sought out Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) for a 48-month transaction of $1.2 million in tenant improvement. The company was in need of a business expansion including furniture, computers, and construction costs. The original approval was for $300K but soon the customer’s needs grew. Over eight months, CFP easily came through with the funding and was able to work hand-in-hand with the landlord and multiple contractors, all while making a flawless transaction.

“This remodel was challenging and complicated, but Commercial Funding Partners and their professional staff responded with exceptional service,” said Chief Financial Officer, Justin. “Our funding needs tripled in the middle of this project, and CFP was able to pull through and work with our operations through all of the twists and turns of the remodel.”

Due to the uncomplicated funding by CFP, they are currently working together on a similar project at another location.