Funding saved a Cattle Company

Awesomeness Shines Through

“Hey Jon, I wanted to share a quick success story.


Due to the size and complexity, I knew I needed hand holding through this process. After talking and forwarding my case docs to Bailey, his response to taking the next steps occurred within an hour - amazing. He shared his vision and expertise on how to approach the deal from a practical reality perspective. He asked me to let him lead and take a step back. On our conference call with my customer, Bailey's awesomeness came shining through. He weaved his conversation on the customers' family history and blended that history with stories of other similar companies and then delivered his proposal through that framework as opposed to here is the deal: take it or leave it.


I am very certain that if I had gone to my current lenders, I could not have gotten to this point where we made an offer to my client. Win or lose, in this case I am convinced that Bailey is the man to be in the trenches with.

CFP is a GREAT addition - kudos!

- Dennis