Brokers and Buyers Building a Better Future
13 March, 2014

Networking and partnerships can bring new life to almost any business venture. Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) saw the potential of one type of partnership, the valued broker relationship.

The outcome of this relationship led to brokering a deal for a $300,000 phone software upgrade for a small U.S. company less than 3 years old. The US based company will be implementing this upgrade at their location in the Dominican Republic for the expanding customer service center. This event will be coupled with a $400,000 hardware upgrade set in the same location to be funded later this year.

“Opportunities like this one required forward thinking and groundbreaking new financing techniques,” said Lon Secrist, President of Commercial Funding Partners. “Larger banks just aren’t equipped to handle the flexibility CFP is known for when it comes to this type of deal. Our ability to create custom tailored working models that meets the specifications of the clients is what sets us apart from other lenders.”

One of the biggest problems for smaller companies in today’s emerging markets is getting the right funding at the right time. CFP understands this and looks to the broker to help decipher those timetables so the product or service gets to the market at that crucial moment.

“Brokers are a valuable asset to have when it comes to creating opportunities for smaller companies,” said Buddy Zarbock, Vice President of Commercial Funding. “Our Brokers Club helps us connect with these companies to get them the funds they need to keep growing. These are companies that may not have the collateral yet to fit into the cookie cutter molds larger banks have built for their lending models.”