Industry Super Standards are Achieved with a Boost from Commercial Funding Partners
24 June, 2013

Commercial Funding Partners sets another high standard on their stage by securing a $5,000,000 SBA loan for a west coast industrial firm.  The loan was part of larger $14,000,000 plan set forth by the metal recycling company to improve their operations and double their customer’s capacity.

When growing and transitioning in today’s economy, maintaining a certain level of risk is essential and part of running a progressive business.  SBA loans have become essential in applying a buffer for that risk for small to mid-size companies.

CFP shows that above along with cultivating a $500,000, 24-month working solution for an oilfield services company, with 65 sites currently and growth on the horizon.

“Providing options for these companies had its obstacles,” said Buddy Zarbock, Vice President with Commercial Funding Partners, “but because of our extensive financial network we found a niche with unique promise that fit their business needs succinctly.”

Strong asset diversity allows a company like CFP to maintain its edge to over its competitors who may be limited with options that will not fit a particular business model need due to lack of diversity.

Commercial Funding Partners has a comprehensive network of partner financial groups which they have been establishing and maintaining over the last 30 years.  The partner groups enjoy a well capitalized diversity allowing them flexibility to service AAA to C+ credit ratings.