Sight and Sound Move Forward with CFP Funding
26 July, 2013

In today’s rapidly evolving markets, technology plays a vital role in helping businesses maintain that cutting edge no matter the market they compete in.  Commercial Funding Partners are helping businesses stay sharp and on point by providing resourceful funding for that technological need.   Needs which have helped keep economic competition thriving and keep consumer options plentiful.

Two successful projects illustrating Commercial Funding Partners role in that advancement were shown through a $250,000, 36-month loan to support a church sound system and $150,000, 36-month loan for German equipment in the optical processing industry.

“Industry in all forms needs quality funding executed with the utmost precision and that can mold itself into a building block for any business model, and we here at Commercial Funding Partners are proving that every day by our repeated  successes,” concluded Mr. Zarbock.

Commercial Funding Partners funds transactions from $150K – $4M+.