Winds of Change for Western Trucking Company
12 March, 2014

1500 tractor trailer trucks get power ups and gas consumption reductions with new aerodynamic fin attachments.  Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) helped secure the upgrade with a $1.5 million cash infusion.

“This was a fantastic event for us at CFP,” said Buddy Zarbock, Vice President for Commercial Funding.  “With most major lenders not able to work with the company for funding due to collateral complications we were able step in and make this transaction a very profitable one.”

Commercial Funding was able to work closely with the lien holders at the bank and the vendor to develop a structured option that benefitted all the participating parties.

“It was a situation of soft collateral and hard profit,” added Mr. Zarbock.

The new trailer skirts for the trucks, which help reduce wind resistance and increase fuel efficiency, can save the company up to 6.5% in fuel costs.  The company lists as a triple A rated business which allowed a very low rate when securing the loan, and had ample cash flow so the collateral issue presented little or no problem for CFP’s unique funding abilities.

Commercial Funding Partners is a group of lessors funding profitable growth.